CFUW Fredericton Scholarships 

CFUW Fredericton supports financial awards at the University of New Brunswick Fredericton, St. Thomas University, the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, the New Brunswick Community College Fredericton, Ecole Sainte – Anne, Fredericton High School, Leo Hayes High School and Oromocto High School The first CFUW Traveling Fellowship was awarded in 1946 to a female English honours graduate. This was followed in the same year with a post graduate scholarship of $100 offered to a female graduate of UNB. Over the years the number and value of the scholarships and bursaries have grown with all scholarships now endowed. 1964 saw the start of the annual Book Fair, a fundraiser which supported and has continued to support the scholarships and bursaries listed below. Special recognition in the form of named scholarships is given to CFUW Fredericton members because of their contributions to the work of CFUW Fredericton.  To learn more, click here.


University of New Brunswick–Fredericton Campus:

Bea Phillips CFUW Fredericton Entrance Scholarship ($2,000)

CFUW Fredericton Scholarship ($4,500)

Charlotte Van Dine CFUW Fredericton Scholarship ($2,000)

Jean Campbell Argue Memorial CFUW Fredericton Scholarship ($6,000)

Marjorie Barberie Logue CFUW Fredericton Scholarship (3 scholarships at $3,500 each)

Dr. Althea Warren Macaulay CFUW Fredericton Graduate Scholarship ($2,000)

Dr. Nora Ni Chuiv CFUW Fredericton Graduate Scholarship ($2,500)

CFUW Fredericton 4 Year Renewal Scholarship ($2,000 each year)

CFUW Fredericton 75th Anniversary Scholarship ($2,000)

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St. Thomas University:

CFUW Fredericton Scholarship ($2,000)

CFUW Fredericton Mature Student Scholarship ($2,000)

CFUW Fredericton Entrance Scholarship ($2,000)

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New Brunswick Community College–Fredericton Campus:

CFUW-Fredericton Scholarship ($1,000)

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New Brunswick College of Craft and Design–Fredericton Campus:

CFUW Fredericton Scholarship ($1,000)

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CFUW Fredericton also provides financial support for rural school libraries, music education and international female students.


CFUW Fredericton 2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients