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Tuesday, Jan. 1013:30Book Club, Christ Church Parish Church Lounge* (CCPCLounge)
Wednesday, Jan. 1113:00Education and Scholarship Committee, (Judy’s+ Zoom)
Thursday, Jan. 1212:00Luncheon, TBA
Thursday, Jan. 1913:30Executive Meeting at a member’s home (Edye’s + Zoom)
Thursday, Jan. 2613:30General Meeting, CCPClounge + Zoom
Wednesday, Feb. 812:00Luncheon, TBA
Tuesday, Feb.1413:30Book Club, CCPCLounge
Thursday, Feb.1613:30Executive Meeting, TBA + Zoom
Thursday, Feb. 2313:30General Meeting, CCPCLounge + Zoom
Wednesday, Mar. 812:00Luncheon, TBA
Tuesday, Mar. 1413:30Book Club, CCPCLounge
Thursday, Mar. 1613:30Executive Meeting, TBA + Zoom
Thursday, Mar. 2313:30General Meeting, CCPCLounge + Zoom.
Tuesday, April 1113:30Book Club, CCPCLounge
Wednesday, April 1212:00Luncheon, TBA
Wednesday, April 1913:00Education and Scholarship Committee, (Judy’s + Zoom)
Thursday, April 2013:30Executive Meeting, TBA + Zoom
Thursday, April 2713:30General Meeting, CCPCLounge + Zoom
Tuesday, May 913:30If need be an Executive meeting
Wednesday, May 1012:00Luncheon, TBA
Thursday, May 18Commencement of the book sale activities.
Friday to Sunday
May 26-28
Tentative Book Fair (Brookside Mall)
Thursday, June 818:00Tentative CFUW Fredericton AGM, TBA
*CCPCLounge is on 245 Westmorland Street, Fredericton