In 1944 a group of women began what today is CFUW Fredericton. At that time, the aims of the Club were to enlarge and deepen educational interests, to promote friendship among university graduates and to stimulate interest in and action on the problems of the day. The goals of CFUW Fredericton continue to be those established in 1944 while encompassing a broader community. For a more in-depth history of CFUW Fredericton, visit our history site.

CFUW Fredericton has established numerous post-secondary scholarships for women, financially supports rural school libraries and music programs and holds an annual Book Fair which was first held in 1964. In addition, the Club has established a number of committees and interest groups, financially supports international education for girls and women and promotes awareness of such issues as homelessness, human trafficking and pay equity for women. As well, CFUW Fredericton advocates for the rights of women and girls.

In 2014 CFUW Fredericton celebrated its 70th anniversary and in 2015 celebrated the 50th anniversary of our Book Fair. Our monthly newsletters provide the members with a variety of information. We hold monthly meetings and celebrate the year at our Annual General Meeting.

We welcome all women who support our beliefs and purposes to join us at CFUW Fredericton. We invite you to explore our website, visit our membership page for more information and browse some of our newsletters.

Click here to visit the CFUW Atlantic Regional Council website.

For more information about our national and international organization, please go to cfuw.org and Graduate Women International.